Pandora's Box • December 10, 2009 - January 20, 2010
Reception: December 10th6-8pmJuror's Talk with Landria Shack: 7pm

I was honored to serve as the juror for Pandora’s Box. When I was approached to jury this exhibition, I looked forward to seeing how artists would interpret the call, a visual interpretation of Pandora’s act of releasing woe (and hope) upon humanity. I was excited by the art I was presented.
Ninety-two artists submitted work for this exhibition. The work included an array of mediums and techniques including silver, assemblage, and collage. In selecting, I focused on components such as aesthetics, content, materials, and form. In the end, I chose both containers that were filled and empty. These empty vessels represented to me the aftermath of Pandora’s curiosity.
Admittedly, not all my selections fit easily within the calls parameters. Many of these choices are open for debate. Some choices will be obvious, such as the ceramic piece with provocative statements such as “health care extortion” and “Are the world’s rainforests worth losing for biofuel,” whereas other choices will beguile and bemuse. But this was part of the wonderful challenge this exhibition offered me.
I want to thank Target Gallery Director Mary Cook for considering me for this exhibition. I look forward to seeing all these works in person. Congratulations to you all.

-Landria Shack, Juror

. . . .