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Studio 2

From Here 2 There
Traveling Exhibition of New Works from the Torpedo Factory Art Center

Curator's Statement: Jenine Culligan, Senior Curator, Huntington Museum of Art
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From Here to There is all about sharing. First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists who took the risk and “shared” their works and became active participants in the process of this exhibition. It was an honor to be asked to be a juror for this exhibition. Second, I applaud the organizers for their decision to mount this exhibition and to share and exchange art by Torpedo Factory artists with artists and art centers across the country. Sharing art is so fundamental, so essential for the open exchange of ideas, to teach tolerance, to give and get feedback, for observation, and experimentation. With that said however, I would imagine that artists who opt to work in a studio setting which is open to the general public could tell us all we need to know about sharing.

For a group of artists who work under the same roof, I was struck by how disparate the works were. Like most jurors, I looked for technical acuity, original use of media or subject matter, experimentation, a unique “voice,” and success in capturing a thought, mood, fantasy, or feeling or a representational object or scene. I also looked for a decisive hand, and a love and devotion for what they do. I feel the works and the artists selected include all of the above. I believe the exhibition presents an interesting cross-section of art being created at the Torpedo Factory.

The variety of media submitted was impressive, as was the use of unexpected combinations of materials. After spending time with these works (albeit in digital format), I came away with a real feel for life’s daily juxtapositions. It brought back vivid memories of the fascinating synchronicities that occur, sometimes without much notice, in places like Northern Virginia. Like life in many major metropolitan areas, different and sometimes opposing ideas are swirling around, walking past each other on the street, or sitting next to each other on the Metro. This same “soup” of ideas is occurring in adjacent studios within the Torpedo Factory. The works in this exhibit offer a variety of observations such as: beauty (refined vs. raw); a “sense of place” (traveling to distant places vs. knowing one piece of property well); a search for higher understanding (looking inward vs. social advocacy), etc. All of this then gets combined with the more formal concerns of color, shape, and texture, and what you get is a small cross section of what is going on in contemporary art. I always find it a fascinating (and frustrating) responsibility to select an exhibition for a juried show. I enjoyed spending time with all of these images, and offer my gratitude to all the artists who submitted, and the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory for the opportunity to view works by so many talented artists.

Jenine Culligan
Senior Curator, Huntington Museum of Art



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