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Tamara Embrey

Tamara Embrey

Media: Fiber
Studio: 14
Phone: 541-729-8063

Black and Grey Gardens Dress
Purple Argyle Cashmere Flounce Scarf
Crazy Colors Flounces Skirt

I have been making my own patterns and one-of-a-kind clothing for over 20 years. These days, I’m very excited about recycled fine natural fibers such as cashmere, merino wool, sink and angora (often they were old sweaters).

I like that recycling fabric is good for the planet; I also like that these natural fibers are gorgeous to touch, and are able to live long lives. But what I really love about working with recycled materials is that the fiber has a  “memory”. What I mean by that is, the fiber is able to “remember”, not just its former shape and function (as the sleeve of a sweater, a pocket, a collar…), but the fabric retains some of the personality and essence, not just of its former life as a sweater, but of the person who once wore—and perhaps loved—it.  Add to this my own intervention and reshaping --a sleeve becomes the side of a skirt or a flounce on a jacket; a pocket becomes part of a hat or the petals of a flower—and you have layers of intentions…memories…meanings. 

Please enjoy these clothes I make! – Tamara

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